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WST® Technology - Constant Curvature
In 1995 L-ACOUSTICS® introduced constant curvature line sources with the implementation of the Wavefront Sculpture Technology® into the ARCS® system. At the heart of all ARCS® constant curvature enclosures is the DOSC® waveguide which morphs the spherical wavefront of the HF driver into a toric, isophasic wave. As a result, ARCS® can be arrayed with a perfect acoustic coupling as opposed to classic trapezoidal enclosures which interfere with each other and produce comb filtering degrading sound quality outside of the array axis. When compared to conventional line source systems, ARCS® has the advantage of offering a perfect control over horizontal coverage and a smooth tonal balance over all frequencies. The wavefront emitted horizontally by the enclosure allows uniform coverage in increments.



The dV-DOSC Line Source element has an operating frequency bandwidth from 65 Hz to 20 kHz and this response can be lowered down to 35 Hz with the addition of the dV-SUB low frequency extension cabinet.



 The L-ACOUSTICS®  dV-SUB is the companion subwoofer for dV-DOSCTM and features three 15-inch transducers loaded in a dual-chamber vented bandpass configuration. With power handling capacity of 1200 Wrms and response to 35 Hz, dV-SUB is ideal for applications requiring maximum low end impact from an extremely compact enclosure.

SB 28

SB 28

 High-Power Subwoofer
25Hz LF limit, exceptional power handling capability
Progressive vent for increased peak SPL, and minimal turbulence noise
LA8 amplified controller drive and protection
DSP presets for cardioid mode (symmetrical and asymmetrical)



L-ACOUSTICS® pioneered the field of modern line source array as early as 1993 with the introduction of Wavefront Sculpture Technology on the legendary V-DOSC® system.
Based on physical rules developed by Heil and Urban (AES 1992) the WST® theory defines five criteria for design and use of true line source arrays.