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Live Sound Company is a full service organization offering a wide range of audio-visual solutions nationwide since 1996, with customer satisfaction as our primary goal. As audio consultants, sound system designers and audio-visual equipment providers, Live can deliver systems for show or rent. We also pride ourselves for staffing events with professional and knowledgeable engineers. Live has extensive experience accommodating client shows in spaces of all kinds, including but not limited to auditoriums, conference centers, houses of worship, restaurants, schools, sports facilities, stadiums, theatres, outdoor plazas and festival stages. Live maintains an inventory of professional, brand-name gear, and can provide a single moving light, microphone, or supply a full concert sound system, along with production, staging, and lighting. We do it ALL!


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Corporate events

Live Sound Company fills that missing niche in corporate event planning, delivery, and implementation. Whether you are looking for project managers with a proven track record of excellence, equipment that is second to none, or professional and knowledgeable technicians that will make your event unforgettable; Live is the company for you. Live works tirelessly, implementing the newest technologies and the hottest trends in corporate meeting and digital signage to leave your event attendees with that “wow” feeling.

Performing Arts Centers

Live Sound Company recognizes that some of our customers are looking to make the initial investment in sound reinforcement, or expand their current stock. Live has dedicated sales agents that have spent countless hours designing and installing custom sound systems and support systems to support sound coverage for thousands, hundreds, or anywhere in between. Whatever your needs are, let our dedicated sales staff work with you to create a permanent solution for your performing arts space.

Radio and television broadcasts

Live Sound Company has worked with all of the major media outlets in the Chicago-land area providing mobile broadcast support and sound reinforcement for everything from intimate social gatherings to large scale meetings and conferences. We provide the equipment and expertise to support webcast, podcast, and simulcast presentations and events the world over. We have concentrated research and development on the gamut of broadcast solutions ranging from point to point sound systems to live recordings and broadcasts.If you are looking for presentation of your vision and voice over the large scale reaching millions or even just on the small scale reaching a satellite location of 20, let Live work with you to achieve your goals.